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naz you may have spent oodles on a24 merch but that doesn't mean elara can afford a graphic artiste

the brothers safdie have reached out to me about a radio show for elara dot fm - you may be thinking "nazanin what qualifies you to host a radio show and how do you know the safdie brothers?" these are great questions and luckily i am under NO legal obligation to answer them

it will be called... who knows what it'll be called

if you'd like to participate in my intro to radio, here's what you do: rifle through your diary, your journal, your xanga, your myspace, your phone notes, and find something you've written down, be it from 2002 or 2020! i don't care what it is, it can be a shopping list, a poem, an explicit sexual fantasy, song lyrics, the speech you gave at your first wedding, whatever - just find it and THEN

1. HIT RECORD. start by telling me your NAME, the DATE you wrote it and WHERE YOU ARE NOW - if you don't want to include your name then pick a pseudonym, i suggest k.a. applegate


3. keep it short please i will be curating these moments and if you read me a 5 minute monologue then i will NOT be playing it. i may set it to music, i may not! i may read it myself, if i find your energy lacking. who the fuck knows. one thing i do know however is...

4. DO NOT SEND ME YOUR DREAMS, i care about your dreams but only privately please dm me your dreams especially if they're SEX dreams involving ME!

5. cool? okay cool send your recordings to

stay socially but not emotionally distant love u all

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den1zar I will send you a very, very long dream entry.

kristinallegro 😍😍😍

ssissily Is there a deadline??? Can we curse??? NAZANIN where can we listen? Β πŸ’‹

naz it'll broadcast live on elara and then it'll stream on soundcloud i'll post about the premiere date when it gets closer xx

urinstacrush We need Masochism now more than ever πŸŽ€ can’t wait for your new ear worms

maievete I guess I'm dying without the new album of the decade. oh well, it was fun while it lasted

xxmiss.massacrexx this MS Paint shit is fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯