Naz "Self-Releases" New Single "Guardian"
It's been over six months since synth-pop songstress Naz Esfahani broke a six year hiatus with comeback single "Downhill Lullaby", promising her long delayed album Masochism would soon see a release. Unfortunately for fans, in the half-year since her warm welcome back, we've heard little from Esfahani in the way of updates.

Until tonight, when Esfahani took to Instagram Live to personally address her fanbase. In a ten minute stream beginning at 4:19AM EST, the self-proclaimed "elusive and sleep deprived chanteuse" aired her grievances about her label, noting they were "blocking" her from "any semblance of release, update, whatever," and "incredibly indifferent" to her "existence as an artist or even a person," noting at one point that "I think [Capitol] think I'm like, a weird lizard that lives under one of the decorative ferns in their offices and they don't understand why the interns can't get rid of me."

After a casual back and forth with a few thousand fans, Esfahani asked if the "at-home audience" wanted to hear her "next single, coming fresh to you from 2015," then played half a minute of labelmates Coldplay's "Yellow", before turning up the volume to play the long shelved single "Guardian" in full.

Die hard Esfahani fans were ecstatic - and all the more so when Esfahani uploaded the song to her Soundcloud account several minutes later, with a tweet promoting the song as a "non-single" and introducing it as "the reason i'm gonna get sued... or locked out of all my accounts... or both. so fun! i love u capitol! fuck me harder!"

Listen to "Guardian" in full below.