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the ideal husband @naz
will my album ever come home from the war? masochism out 2019 maybe
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the ideal husband @naz ∙ March 7
i'm really sad today because ami mizuno is in retrograde                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ 1h if anyone sees me walking a cat on a leash in williamsburg just know that it's part of my lease agreement and i don't like it any more than you do                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ 2h sad story i was banned from the times square olive garden in 2017 and that's how i know life is unfair like there's other reasons too but mostly just that                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ 2h somebody spit on a trump spawn? and that person is in chicago? and i will be in chicago soon? and i really hope that person dms me so i can congratulate them with a gift card to olive garden? all of these things can be true in 2019                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ 8h i waste so many characters on unnecessary usage of the word "like" in my tweets but that's just like who i am you know                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ 10h i just spent like four hours listening to every available version of "one headlight" on youtube and all i can say is feed me more i'm still hungry                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ 12h here is another fun friend tip for fun friends: friends love it when you shake them awake at 3am and tell them to pay attention to you! have done this to 10+ friends and never once have i failed in shaking! do planks so you're ready for the big moment                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ 24h how do i get an invitation to a purity ball? please someone help me i want to pledge my hymen to the holy father                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 24 i want to die and be reincarnated as jojo siwa but like way taller                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 24 we're not really friends until i ask you to leave your home so i can privately cry in your bed, i have done this to 10+ people in my life and it is always so awkward that they say yes and go! 10/10 would recommend                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 23 when will buzzfeed be licensed to diagnose my various mental illnesses by asking me to rank first generation pokemon                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 21 i'm an empath but i'm also malicious so being my friend really sucks                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 21 @fkatwigs released the song of the year with cellophane i don't care who else releases music this year that's it that's the song everybody else can go the fuck home                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 20 nina who are you? i respect you so much for this like the audacity to tag me in this when you know how much i fucking love attention

Nina Sweet @ninafj
@naz is a leech, she leeched off @mayzie for months then @roysommer and now she's sucking @evanengelson's blood, it's like clockwork. who's next???
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 19 people tweeting me about being problematic.... i mean yeah that's fair but please keep in mind i'm also really hot and that's important too                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 19 can i say it in a tweet and also on the street? i'm an online bully in real life                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 19 the rumors/official press releases are true, i'm playing @pitchforkfest on july 19! 4:15pm green stage please come watch me forget my own lyrics                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 19 no i didn't find my airpod someone buy me airpods please apple sponsor me i'll sing jingles in exchange for a lifetime supply of airpods                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 19 i remember this! i was looking for my lost airpod and evan thought i was overreacting but i wasn't and i'm not sorry it's been weeks i'm still crying

Ginny @airrallies
One time I saw @EvanEngelson and @naz in Prospect Park and she was on her hands and knees in actual tears and he kept saying "calm down" and I felt like I was watching a Wattpad fic unfold IRL
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 18 some people say teenage dirtbag is the greatest song ever written, others have not yet heard teenage dirtbag, all i can say is i listen to iron maiden baby                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 18 i didn't get to suck the marrow from any bones in iceland and i'm still kinda upset about it in a way i can't fully verbalize                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 16 hey persian twitter what's the best spot to get ghormeh sabzi in the city? kharejis don't get involved this isn't your fight i don't care about your opinions                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 17 if i don't casually reference how hot i think i am to at least two people every day then i'm really not myself                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 14 all the people tweeting things like "just leak it" seem to forget i am a fully formed human being who needs $cash$ to survive... dismantle our present economic system and i will give you free bops                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 14 i was never a chart topping artist and i never will be but to be denied the chance to release music that has been finished for YEARS has been the most painful part of my life by far and i've fallen down a fucking elevator shaft before so that's saying a lot                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 14 sorry to my 5 fans who were upset by that last tweet, with every passing year i feel myself fading further into irrelevance and as a girl who needs applause and award show gift baskets to live it really sucks                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 14 i'm signed to a label that has zero interest in helping me to record, release, or tour but steadfastly refuses to let me go and it sucks but like some people have war in their countries kim                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 14 i love you guys so much i'm sorry my bosses wish i was still an over sexualized teenager

Naz Updates @NazUpdates
Hi @CapitolRecords!

Updating Naz’s Spotify+Apple Music page comes at little to no cost.

I find it strange that the profile pic is from the 'Ghost' EP, the cover photo is a still from the "17" video (10 years old) and the biography hasn’t been updated since 2012.
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 12 i want to go to a wedding somebody invite me to a wedding i fucking love weddings let me celebrate your fleeting love PLEASE                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 12 that tweet wasn't problematic guys i love and respect the rainbow fish i have spoken out against his bad friends for decades                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 12 i love voluntary cosmetic procedures as much as the next insecure millennial but i keep thinking about my sister's new rainbow fish lips and laughing                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 11 if i had the patience to court a therapist then trust me i would be on A L O T of extremely well researched and legally prescribed pills                                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Jun 8 why doesn't macaulay culkin follow me on twitter? who will answer for this