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the ideal husband @naz ∙ Mar 7
i'm really sad today because ami mizuno is in retrograde                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 i am officially endorsing angelmamii7 for president... god bless                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 please just one more

Naz Updates @NazUpdates
Replying to @naz
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 tentatively looks, feels, and sounds like a fake word but it tastes like agave nectar (worse for you than sugar fyi)                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 when are we getting the halloween remix of old town road known tentatively as old ghost town road hahahaha gosh i hope this one goes viral my soul just left my body                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 kate middleton's favorite band is puddle of mudd                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 do you guys think meghan markle likes my music                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 whose mom do i have to fuck to get a tedx talk? help i'm a feminist i think                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 the conquering of the "daddy" figure being framed in pop culture as a source of personal empowerment is a subject too deep to discuss here and does not 100% relate back to billie eilish regardless please look out for my tedx talk in 2020 where i'll be discussing this + what kind of underwear i have on in depth                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 you can't end me when i'm already over sis

mirsad @mirsyn
Replying to @naz
Sis don't come for Billie we will end you
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 i know that last tweet wasn't funny at all that's why i'm going to try and pitch it for joker 2                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 i could probably fuck my own dad right now like give me 20 minutes                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 the whole concept of fucking a dad is so booooring like do you guys know how easy it is to fuck a dad? that's not a feat that's not impressive i can fuck any dad any time anywhere                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 the only billie eilish song i've heard is the one where she plays into the garden variety dude fantasy of being a hot young chick who wants to fuck a dad so like no i don't have an opinion on her please stop asking                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 earlier i called myself a washed up pop star i can see now how that would be problematic i just want to state for the record i am not now nor have i ever been a star                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 my boyfriend won't even let me make a silicone mold of his dick

citizen grete Kane @funeral2day
Replying to @naz
reddit thinks you're married
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 please excuse any typographical errors in my tweets the meth makes me confused and feeble                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 his name isn't beckett                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 i can't answer this question until my billion year contract is up jk jk just a little casual scientology humor i love beck and beck loves me and beck will hate this tweet i love you beckett

Naz XCX @pastelplums
Replying to @naz
What was it like working with @beck?
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 have i been photographed with open sores before??? i hate this rumor but please tweet more rumors @ me i want to address rumors i want to fist fight russia outside a cracker barrel

しん @freethecowgirl
Replying to @naz
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 can't tell if this tweet is supposed to be mean or not

linzy young @linzo_young
Replying to @naz
2 months away from 2020 and the only thing you've got going on is being tweeted at by @ccalvetti Naz WTF
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 nope

g o t h b i s h @666crazyboredsad
Replying to @naz
Are you ever going to address working with Terry Richardson in 2013 and 2014?
the ideal husband Retweeted
peaches n scream @bodyofmyown ∙ Oct 20
Naz Esfahani's drunk ass bout to get herself canceled before sunrise I'm calling it now                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 final thoughts: i wish i had anything worth being stolen by lizzo                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 just took a dna test, turns out i'm 100% indifferent to the struggles of artists who aren't ME surprise i'm a narcissist they can't diagnose that on maury                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 justin doesn't talk to me about his pending lawsuits and i don't talk to him about trying to bite a security guard at tiffany's for asking me to stop crying in front of the engagement rings

𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐥 @dontyoustillrun
Replying to @naz
What's the insider info on the @JustinRaisen and @lizzo drama?
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 forgot 2022 is only three years away... but i stand by it like i guess my steady diet of sour gummies + diamond water has to catch up with me eventually                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 happy belated birthday @evanengelson i feel so lucky knowing questions about you will haunt me forever i can't wait to be summoned via ouija by teen girls in 2022 just to be asked about how soft your hair was before it all fell out

cybrrrrr angel @cybrxangel
Replying to @naz
gurl what happened w/ you and evan
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 i'm a washed up pop star with shampoo commercial hair and mild psychosis that just won't quit AMA                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 not for nothing but i've been having an existential crisis since 8am this morning                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 20 big sur update 2: nature..... overrated for 2019, glad it will be gone by 2050 so so sorry kids                        
the ideal husband @naz ∙ Oct 18 big sur update 1: nature rules..... will consider taking time out of my busy sched to march for this stuff at a later date                        

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